THINGS GREEK AND GILDED I   (Two or three days)














We will be learning to gild using traditional and modern techniques on various surfaces. Though we will touch on raised gilding, our main focus will be flat gilding - learning how to tool the gold to create beautiful patterns in relief and experimenting with different techniques that can be used in traditional and contemporary work.


Every participant will create a record of techniques they can use as well as a gold ‘palette’ or chart for future

reference using a wide variety of gold alloys and metals. Complementing this will be a study of the ancient Greek ‘Tetrachrome’ palette; we will create simple designs with it a and then use our gold charts to choose which of our metals best harmonizes with each  design. Raw materials and ground pigments will be brought in to show the origin of our colours and contemporary alternatives will be discussed.


*There will be an at-cost supply fee for gold and pigments



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