In this workshop we will set a solid foundation for the art of calligraphy through the study of tools, materials and techniques as well as the fundamental principles that govern the creation of hand made scripts.  We will be exploring the range of expression that tools, materials and scripts can give us to achieve a direction and better understanding of how we can use calligraphy in our work. Form will be the focus; letters are beautiful things with great graphic potential in terms of pattern and texture. We will be looking at contemporary and historical work from around the world, and we will explore our own handwriting for the creation of scripts that are rooted in our individual character and rhythm.

Tools to be discussed include pencil and graphite, quill, reed pen, a variety of metal nibs, parallel pens, automatic pens, pointed pens, ruling and folded pens, charcoal, and flat and pointed brushes. Our writing surfaces will include papyrus, parchment, hot and cold press watercolour paper as well as handmade paper and canvas. Mediums will be discussed and their preparation demonstrated, from ink, stick ink, gouache, mineral pigments, and watercolours.


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