ITALIC WITH ZEST AND GRACE: Classical and Variations  (Two or three days)
















This class takes a holistic approach to the Italic hand. We will look at Italic from many perspectives - from its inception, as a form of handwriting, to classical forms of the Renaissance to contemporary forms and variations. We will review a classic Italic form based on the master, Cataneo, and experiment with quills on parchment to simulate the Renaissance writing experience. I will also give everyone a vintage Flight Commander nib – the first metal pen for Italic - designed by Alfred Fairbank in conjunction with George Hughes. We will then move onto Italic variations; purposeful exercises will help us understand the possibilities and help us apply them to suit our purposes. Exemplars will be provided for classic forms, joins/ligatures, various forms of capitals as well as an exemplar of a freer, expressive Italic hand.


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