A PASSAGE ON PARCHMENT   (Two or three days)














A whole calfskin will be brought in; we will discuss its use in the scribal tradition, its unique characteristics, cut it, learn to prepare it and excise errors. We will experiment on a test piece and then scribe a passage on our good piece using ink sticks, various inks, or gouache. I will also discuss what mediums and techniques work for gilding and illuminating on this substrate and why, and will encourage everyone to include a gilded and/or illuminated letter, word (s) or motif in their work. We will then learn to ‘thong’ our pieces onto mat board; this is an especially attractive way to show off the character of the parchment. Other types of parchment will be shown and discussed, including slunk vellum, sheep, goat and deer, as well as dyed parchment and I will supply a list of sources for the material.


*There will be an at-cost supply fee for parchment and various materials


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